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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Weston Library

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Wilkinson Eyre

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Screed Replacement Tile


The Weston Library, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and constructed in the 1930s.

Installation of Ideal EPS heating panels with 125mm pipe centres providing maximum output and allowing for floor boxes within the floor

JUPITER system foil is laid on top of Ideal EPS heating panels as a slip membrane prior to the laying of the Screed Replacement Tile

The JUPITER SRT system is laid forming the perfect substrate for stone and tile floor finishes of any size and thickness.

The limestone finished floor is installed on a full bed of adhesive with very few movement joints and no decoupling membrane due to the inert nature of the SRT substrate

The finished result - an efficient and responsive underfloor heating system which guarantees that the finished floor will not fail.

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