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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

St Peter & St Pauls Church, Ashington

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Lee Evans Partnership

Heating System:

Main Contractor:

Farnrise Construction Ltd

Load Bearing Surface:

Category of Building:


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Screed Replacement Tile


St Peters & St Pauls Church in Ashington is the second church in which the Jupiter IDEAL System with Screed Replacement Tile was specified.

The void left by the removal of the existing floor was filled with recycled foamed glass which replaced traditional hardcore and concrete. The foamed glass also provides additional insulation.

As with previous projects, the underfloor heating manifold, mixing valve and pump were installed flat on the floor in order to be housed centrally in the church, under the dias.

For maximum output, a total area of 150m2 of IDEAL EPS Edge Zone panels were used. These panels have the pipes positioned at 125mm centres.

The Jupiter Screed Replacement Tile is installed over the IDEAL heating element, acting as a substitute to screed.

The large format natural stone floor slabs are then adhered using flexible tile adhesive to the Screed Replacement Tile system without the need for any movement joints or decoupling systems.

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