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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Private Residence, Petworth

Case Study #



Christopher Smallwood

Heating System:

Main Contractor:


Load Bearing Surface:

Category of Building:

Residential / Conservation

Construction ID:

Between Joist / IDEAL EPS / System Standard

Screed Replacement Tile


Pitshill House is a Grade II listed building designed and build in the 18th century by John Upton with later contributions from SIr John Soane

Having worked with both the architects and the consulting engineers before, Jupiter was approached to design, supply and install the underfloor heating throughout the building.

With average 400mm centred existing joists it was possible to install 3 pipes per void, resulting in optimum heat output.

As all bathrooms were to have stone floors, the Screed Replacement Tile was specified to provide high heat output and a stable substrate.

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