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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Listed Farmhouse, Devon

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Woodford Architecture

Heating System:

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Addicott & Hamlyn Building Contractors

Load Bearing Surface:

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Screed Replacement Tile


We were initially contacted by the architect to provide an efficient underfloor heating system that would not introduce moisture to the 16th century farmhouse.

As an alternative to a conventional slab TechnoPor Glass Foam was used. Adopting this method of construction forms a strong and insulated base without the drying out time of a concrete slab.

The above floor detail shows completely dry-installed floor construction. Jupiter levelling slate was laid over a DPM to form the flat and level surface onto which the primary insulation was laid before our unique heating system.

The Jupiter Ideal EPS heating panel was selected for its ability to deliver superb heat output rapidly and, equally importantly, evenly to prevent cold spots on the floor.

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