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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Private House, Bramley

Case Study #



Middleton Foster

Heating System:

Main Contractor:

Middleton Foster

Load Bearing Surface:

Category of Building:


Construction ID:

NEO 19



This particular refurbishment project had a very limited height available for an underfloor heating system. No height was available for additional insulation.

As with all our systems the existing floor was carefully prepared and was made flat and level.

The underfloor heating installation begins with the PowerPrimer adhesive applied to the existing substrate with a standard roller.

After approximately 10 minutes the 19mm IDEAL NEO panels are fixed down to the substrate.

Once all panels are in position the pipe work is installed.

The DimaMat is self-adhesive and is installed by removing the protective film before it is rolled out over the heating panels.

The thin screed supplied, MortaColl is mixed with water and reinforcing fibres.

Once well mixed, the viscous mixture is gradually poured out over the DimaMat.

The depth of screed is checked regularly to ensure the desired height is kept. MortaColl is not intended as a levelling compound and will only follow the level of the substrate beneath.

The MortaColl can be evenly distributed using either a smooth or notched towel.

Once completed, the finished screed requires approximately 4 hours to cure before floor finished can be installed. Expansion joint at thresholds should be observed.

Finally, the finished floor tiles can be installed using standard tile adhesive which conforms to BS EN 120004 Class C2/S1

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