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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Private Residence, Dene Park

Case Study #



Michael Daly Associates

Heating System:

Main Contractor:

A W Rushen Building Services

Load Bearing Surface:

Category of Building:


Construction ID:

Between Joist / IDEAL EPS

Timber Direct / Fermacell 2E11


Existing joists battened and lined with ply 30mm below top of joist. IDEAL panels cut to fit lightly between.

Flow and return pipes as well as circuit pipes channelled through joists

Schotten & Hansen timber floors installed directly over existing floor joists.

Jupiter Edge Zone (EZ) panels used to provide 3 pipes per joist void.

T&G Screed Replacement Tiles laid directly on top of System panels (separating foil protects pipes from glue). Tiles act as load bearing surface for final stone floor.

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