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Case Studies

Looking at the process and the final product differs from just seeing it online

Private Residence, Horton-Cum-Studley

Case Study #



David Chipperfield, London

Heating System:

Main Contractor:

John Tyler Building Services Ltd

Load Bearing Surface:

Category of Building:


Construction ID:


Screed Replacement Tile

EPS-40G / EPS-10G

Floor construction made up of dry levelling, 500 kPa insulation, underfloor heating and SRT.

Screed Replacement Tile installed over UFH.

Terrazzo chips installed over SRT.

Grinding process of terrazzo floor.

Finished ground terrazzo.

System Castellated for garage.

System Castellated for garage.

LevelDek system with installed underfloor heating.

Jupiter LevelDek installation for sprung gym floor.

Jupiter IDEAL EPS.

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