A proven heating system that sits perfectly within new or existing joists.

When installing underfloor heating between joists it is imperative that the aluminium diffuser plates of the heating panels are in contact with the surface above. Any air between the heating system and the surface above acts as an insulator and has an adverse effect on output as well as response time. The Jupiter system must sit on a ply deck that sits 30mm below the top of the joists. This ensures that the 30mm panel is flush with the top of each joist and therefore the load bearing surface above is reliably in contact with the aluminium of the system.

Using our panels with 125mm pipe centres it is normally feasible to install 3 pipes between typical 400mm centre joists. The panels are trimmed to the correct width on site by our installation staff.


For a between joist installation the floor joists should be prepared to accept the IDEAL panels. We recommend that 18mm ply is installed, on battens, between the joists. This is to enable the installer to safely install the heating panels and to ensure that the aluminium plates are in physical contact with the floor finish above.

Uneven joists can be levelled with firrings and the ply can then be set to the correct level below the levelled joist.

Floor joists have to be routed to allow underfloor heating pipe work to cross to next bay.

With the IDEAL system, 3 pipes per bay are possible providing a superior output to other joisted floor solutions.

Looking for an alternative system with acoustic performance?

If you need a between joist underfloor heating system that is Part E compliant, our BETWEEN JOIST PART-E solution is a tried and tested system with a proven track record. Perfect for both new and retrofit apartment projects.

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