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1. A between joist installation requires that all the existing floorboards are removed. If necessary existing boards can be refitted with great care.

2. Preparatory work involves fixing battens to the sides of the joists and fixing strong sheet material above. We recommend 18mm ply, especially if working on upper floors. Cut around noggins where required. For upper floor installations ensure that the ply is positioned 30mm below the tops of the joists. The 30mm IDEAL system complies with Part-L on upper floors.

3. For ground floor installations the ply and battens should be set lower to allow for additional insulation. The thickness of insulation should be determined by the depth available between the joists.

4. Ground floor installation showing primary insulation installed – still leaving 30mm for the IDEAL system above.

5. Upper floor installation showing 30mm space left for IDEAL system.

6. Uneven joists can be levelled using firrings.

7. Joists can also be levelled (and strengthened) using ply on either side of the joists to the correct level and then in-filled with further ply.

8. IDEAL panels are laid between joists so that the aluminium diffuser plate sits flush with the top of each joist. Better slightly too high than slightly too low.

9. With 400mm centre joists installing 3 pipes per void is achievable.

10. Channels should be routed across the existing joists using a 20mm router.




The JUPITER Screed Replacement Tile system can be used on top of our between joist heating systems to support floor finishes such as wood, stone and marble.

'no need to screed...'

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