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CPD Overview

"Solutions To Common Problems In The Installation And Performance Of Underfloor Heating Systems."

Jupiter offer a 1 hour CPD for groups over 6. Previous attendees have reported that the content was informative and light-hearted.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Commonly encountered problems associated with underfloor heating systems

  • Disadvantages of traditional in-screed systems

  • Advantages of screedless, panel-based systems

  • Stone floors – associated problems and solutions

  • Timber floors – associated problems and solutions

  • Floor loadings on screedless underfloor heating systems (BS6399)

  • Screedless floor levelling techniques

  • Heat output - the effect of varying flow temperatures / thermal resistance

  • Heat distribution – even heat

  • Response time heating / cooling – in-screed versus dry-installed systems

  • Running costs – financial advantages of dry-installed over in-screed systems

  • Part L compliance - thermal performance

  • Part E compliance - acoustic performance

  • Wetroom floor solutions

  • Heat sources - Gas boilers / heat pumps / weather compensation

  • Manifold and mixing valve technologies

  • Thermostatic control / zoning

Thank you again for presenting your CPD seminar to us. From the interaction in the room at the moment, I can tell they are finding it really beneficial.

- Studio Manager, ZSTa

To find out more about our CPDs, read our new blog post.

Jupiter Undefloor Heating CPD Seminar Screens
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