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Ultra-thin load bearing surface for all floor finishes.

The Jupiter DimaMat load bearing surface is the culmination of years of trialling ultra-thin systems. This solution has been developed by an experienced team of compound engineers and has proven highly successful on the continent. The system itself is comprised of two components, a self-adhesive glass fibre mesh followed by a unique liquid compound that provides a tested point load of 2kN.

DimaMat can be as thin as 3mm for tile and stone finishes and 8mm for timber and carpeted floors.

Specified primarily when construction height must be kept to a minimum, DimaMat can be used in conjunction with the IDEAL NEO19 system to produce a professional system, with extraordinary heat output, with an overall height of 22mm.

The DimaMat system is very quick to install and cures in only 4 hours. Floor finishes can be installed after 6 hours and it is recommended that the system is given 24 hours before commissioning.


It is highly recommended that the IDEAL heating panels are adhered to the substrate. Regardless of whether the substrate is a ply deck, screed or concrete base, the DimaSeal PowerPrimer offers unparalleled performance when fixing down the polystyrene panels. The substrate should be flat and level, preferably to SR1 (+/-3mm over 2m) tolerance or better.

The DimaMat itself is self-adhesive. Simply remove the protective backing and fix down to the aluminium panels. Fix down initial strip and overlap all following strips by 50mm. Perimeter expansion insulation should be employed at all abutments.

The DimaMat screed should be mixed as per guidelines and poured directly onto the DimaMat. Depending on the thickness required a suitable notched trowel should be used to evenly distribute the screed. A spiked roller can also be used.

The DimaMat screed will typically set within 4 hours and the final floor covering can be installed after 6 hours. Expansion joints should be installed within all thresholds.

Looking for an alternative load bearing surface?

The Jupiter Firmax CP board is a 12mm twin board system suitable for all substrates. Self-adhesive, manageable board size and no special tools required.

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