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Ultra thin load bearing surface

Powder / water mix based system

DimaMat is a an ultra thin loadbearing surface suitable for all floor finishes where available construction height is at a minimum. DimaMat is comprised of two parts: a self-adhesive mesh and a poured, thin liquid screed.


DimaMat is quick to install and sets rapidly. Floor finishes can be installed after 4 hours.


Fibre reinforcement can be added for additional flexural strength.


Suitable for all substrates i.e. solid concrete, pre-levelled beam and block, suspended timber floors with structural deck.

Technical specifications:

DimaMat SPZ mat

Self adhesive mesh

Thickness: 1.2mm

Format - Roll - 1m wide x 20m long

DimaMat Screed Compound

3-10mm screed

Thermal conductivity: 1.4 W/m²K

Point load: 3.5 kN

Format: 25kg sacks

Requirement: 25kg/m² at a depth of 3mm

DimaMat PowerPrimer

Primer to adhere IDEAL panels to substrate

Format: 1 / 10 litre bottles

Application: By roller

Requirement: 30-100 gm /


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