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Installation Guide











1. Ensure that the substrate is flat and level as well as being clear of debris and dust. Install perimeter insulation and battens.

2. Apply the Powerprimer with a roller and allow to dry for at least 10 minutes and use within 24 hours of applying.

3. Begin installing the underfloor heating panels as per diagrams onto the tacky adhesive. Be sure to position correctly as adjustment of panels once fixed is very difficult.

4. Install pipework as per layout instructions.

5. Once pipe installation is complete, pressure test before applying DimaMat. Cut lengths to fit room before removing protective film. Air bubbles are unlikely to occur as the DimaMat is a mesh.

6. Once DimaMat installation is complete check total area for raised areas and smooth out where necessary.

7. Preparation of the screed. Mix sack contents of MortaColl (25kg) with 5.5 litres of clean water. Mix for 30 seconds, add reinforcement fibres (if specified) and mix for another 30 seconds. Allow to rest for 2 minutes before applying.

8. Depending on thickness required use either a smooth or notched trowel.

9. Thickness can be checked with a rule. Expansion joints at thresholds etc. can be formed using a strip of perimeter insulation

10. A spiked roller can be used to eliminate any trapped air bubbles in the screed before setting.


Setting takes 4 hours and after 6 hours floor finishes can be installed.


DimaMat does not eliminate the need for movement joints in tile or stone surface finish. Movement joints should be installed where specified and in accordance with industry standards and norms.

'no need to screed...'

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