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Post Installation Guidelines

Once installed the DimaMat system requires 72 hours to become fully load bearing.

The DimaMat system is capable of accepting foot traffic typical of a building site and, provided that certain precautions are followed then our system can be used as a working surface before the final floor finishes are fitted.

The system can be used as a working surface if the following precautions are observed:

  • Site traffic thoroughfares should be protected with 1 x 18mm ply. Sweep the floor before laying the ply!

  • The floor system can accept regular, normal site foot traffic after 24 hours at 20°C

  • Ladders should be used on 1 layer of 18mm ply after 24 hours

  • Towers and scaffolding should be erected on 1 layer of 18mm ply after 72 hours

  • Pallet trucks with load should be used only on 2 layers of 18mm ply after 72 hours

  • Excess glue should be scraped off after 24 hours

  • The heating system can be turned on after 72 hours – no heating-up protocol required

The DimaMat floor is at risk of damage if the following points are not observed:

  • Pallet trucks of ANY kind should NOT be used directly on the system

  • DO NOT apply heavy/point loads at the edge of the system

  • DO NOT allow scissor lifts, cherry pickers to be used

  • DO NOT proceed with final floor installation on damaged areas

  • DO NOT allow any foot traffic on the system before the 24-hour cure time has elapsed

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