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Jupiter Dynamic S1 manifold with dynamic flow control

The Jupiter Dynamic S1 manifold adjusts the flow rate in the individual heating circuits directly in litres/hour. This means that hydraulic balancing is achieved in one simple operation. The set flow rate is constantly adapted i.e. if the rate becomes too high due to adjacent closing circuits, the Jupiter Dynamic S1 manifold automatically controls the flow to the set value.


Traditional underfloor heating manifolds are balanced with all circuits opened. During operation it is likely that not all circuits are open simultaneously. This increases pressure through open circuits which affects output. The Dynamic S1 manifold ensures constant flow through all circuits.

Key features:

Guarantees constant room temperatures

Automatic hydraulic balancing due to integrated flow control inside each thermostatic insert

Flow indicator to check individual circuit operation

Contributes to lower running costs

Time and cost saving commissioning solution

German AISI 304 stainless steel manifold


A regulating part is set to the calculated control rate by turning the digit cap with the setting key or an 11 mm end wrench. If the flow rate increases at the valve the rising pressure moves the sleeve, thus constantly limiting the flow to the set value. The set flow rate is therefore never exceeded.

If the flow rate drops below the set value a spring presses the sleeve back to its original position.

Dynamic English Diagram.jpg
Balance Valve Key End.jpg
Balance Valve.jpg
Balance Valve Key.jpg


Material: Stainless steel AISI 304

Dimension: DN32 Stainless Steel box section profile,

1330mm² cross-sectional area

Manufactured in Germany


Flow meters 0,5-5,0 l/min – Taconova


Built-in control valves with pre-setting

Automatic flow control

Infinitely variable flow settings – 30-300 l/h

Differential pressure max. 60 kPa, min. 15 kPa

(30-150 l/h) up to 20 kPa (150-300 l/h)

Technical data:

Flow rate range per heating circuit 30-300 l/h

Redo Picture1.png

Δp min. 30 – 150 l/h = 17 kPa

Δp min. 150 – 300 l/h = 25 kPa

Δp max. 60 kPa


Sample calculation


Set value of Jupiter Dynamic S1 manifold flow controller

Redo Picture2.png


Heat flow, heating circuit Q = 1120 W

Temperature spread Δt = 8 K (44/36°C)



Mass flow m = Q / (c · Δt) = 1120 / (1.163 · 8) = 120 kg/h

Flow regulator setting at manifold: = 12

Q = Heating performance

Δt = System differential temperature

Δp = Differential pressure


Q = 1000 W, Δt = 15 K

Setting value: 6 (≈ 60 l/h)

Δp min. 30 - 150 l/h = 17 kPa

Δp min. 150 - 300 l/h = 25 kPa

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