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General purpose load bearing surface with good outstanding thermal properties and strength

Delivered at a thickness of either 20mm (2E11) or 25mm (2E22), Fermacell is a twin layered board that is lap jointed to ensure little to no movement occurs within the floor. The boards are dry laid and then adhered to each other. Specific screws or diverging staples are used to fix the boards together. Suitable for residential and light commercial loadings, Fermacell boards can be used with all floor finishes and within bathrooms.

Fermacell has less than half the thermal resistance of cheaper alternatives such as floor grade chipboard or ply thus providing an immediate advantage to the underfloor heating system. Fermacell has a Lambda value of 0.31W/mK and therefore offers excellent heat output when used with underfloor heating. Fermacell 2E11 and 2E22 heat output tables.


We produce Fermacell boards in a smaller board size of 1200mm x 600mm x 20mm which makes them easier to handle. Fermacell 2E11 has a mass of 23kg/m² which assists in providing a solid feel under foot-an important factor for any floor.


Jupiter have tested the loading capacity of Fermacell 2E11 boards in conjunction with Kingspan Kooltherm and our SYSTEM IDEAL range. Test results have provided a 2kN point load – suitable for residential applications.


Installation is straightforward and requires tools such as a table saw or hand circular to cut the Fermacell boards.

It is important to cut off the 50mm lap joint off the first row of Fermacell boards that abut the wall.

It is sensible to mark the positions of the underlying pipework on the Fermacell boards. It is highly recommended that you prepare a couple of rows in this manner before removing them all in a memorable sequence.

Begin relaying the boards one by one and apply the Fermacell adhesive on the lower, receiving lap joint. Continue adhering the remaining boards in the same manner.

Finally, either screw or stable the boards together with the specific screws or staples supplied.

Looking for an alternative load bearing surface?

The Jupiter Firmax CP board is a 12mm twin-board system suitable for all substrates. Self-adhesive, manageable boards size and no special tools required.

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