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Fermacell 2E11

20mm load bearing surface

Gypsum Fibre Board

Fermacell 2E11 (Gypsum Fibre Board) 20mm multi-purpose fast-track, dry floor preparation. Consisting of two 10mm thick boards which are pre-assembled with a 50mm diagonal offset. Fermacell boards are designed to float on top of the heating system without separating layer. Adjacent boards are lap-jointed, glued and then either screwed or stapled together. Excellent moisture resistance. Flame retardant. Smooth, dense, dust-free surface. Low thermal resistance.

Material Composition

Fermacell is produced using ordinary materials in an extraordinary way. Recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres from post consumer paper waste and recycled water are combined to form a homogenous mass, which is then formed into a dense sheet material. After drying, the large format boards are cut to size.


Area of application

Suitable for residential applications with UDL requirements up to 2kN/m²


Installation of finished floors

Timber floors: can be installed as a floating floor or adhered to Fermacell boards using adhesive recommended by the timber floor supplier.


Ceramics / tiles: adhered using adhesive to classification BS 12004 Class C2S1. Maximum size 400mm x 400mm.


Carpets: carpet gripper rods should be adhered to Fermacell. Vinyl: Fermacell may need to be finished smooth for vinyl floors

Product specification

Density: 1150 ± 100kg/m³  

Thickness: 20mm

Fire class EN 13501: 2007 Bfl..s1

Density: 1150kg/m³ ± 100kg/m³  

Unit Dimensions: W1500mm x L500mm x H20mm or W1200mm x L600mm x H20mm

Tolerances: Width ±1mm Length ±1mm

Mass: 23kg/m²

Thermal resistance (R-Value):  0.065m²K/W

Thermal conductivity (λ-Value): 0.31W/mK

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