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low-profile cement based load bearing surface for residential and light commercial uses

Delivered as 2 x 6mm self-adhesive boards, Firmax is an overlapping board system suitable for most floor finishes. Particularly popular with self-build projects due to its self-adhesive design as no additional adhesives or fixings are required. Boards are counter laid to ensure floor construction rigidity.

Board sizes are 1200mm x 600mm x 6mm and the system weighs 21kg/m².


The system was fully tested for point load resistance over the Jupiter IDEAL heating panels at MPA Karlsruhe in 2013 with excellent results.

Firmax CP in a test rig

The initial 6mm panel is cut to the correct specific size and positioned in first corner. The sizing of the starting row is crucial to ensure the proceeding second layer overlaps all boards correctly. Boards can be cut with jig saw, circular saw or scored and snapped with hook type blade.

Once a couple of rows have been positioned correctly and the second layer prepared, the protective film from both layers can removed and the upper board placed in position.

Lay the boards down carefully ensuring that no dirt comes in between. Slight adjustment can be made.

Boards are permanently fixed together by hitting with a rubber mallet. Impact forces activate the adhesive mechanism.

Looking for an alternative load bearing surface?

The Jupiter DimaMat system can be as little as 3mm thick and can be applied directly over our IDEAL heating panels. A unique new product, DimaMat can help you realise your underfloor heating designs even if you have little to no height available.

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