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Installation Guide







Do not exceed 35° Surface temperature

Please consult with your final floor manufacturer the maximum floor temperature permitted. This will vary dependent on the floor finish. For example wood should not exceed 27° surface temperature.

When installing on underfloor heating panels ensure that the area is clean and free from building debris and dust.


Confirm that perimeter insulation is installed.


Ensure that installation environment is min. 12°C


1. The following layout procedure ensures that no board is aligned with another on the same joint.

2. Start with the first board 30cm x 90cm (adhesive side up). Continue along first row with 30cm x 120cm panels (all adhesive side up). Boards can be cut with a Stanley knife or Olfa knife. Unusual cuts can be made using a reciprocating saw.


3. The second row starts with a ¼ board (60cm x 30cm) with subsequent boards being full boards. (60cm x 120cm),

The third row starts with a board (60cm x 90cm) with subsequent boards being full boards. (60cm x 120cm),


4. When a certain area of the lower panels have been installed the protective film can be removed in preparation for the upper panels.




The extent of an area to be installed in one period is purely down to not having too much of the adhesive exposed.


5. Start the second layer with a full board

Continue first row of the second layer with full boards.


The second layer second row starts with a ½ board (60cm x 60cm) Ensure that the film protecting the adhesive is removed.


Once the second layer boards are in situ slight realignment is possible.


6. When in final position use a rubber mallet to force the two adhesive layers together.


Tips for finished floor.

Wooden floors can be installed either a floating floor or adhered using an adhesive type recommended by the timber floor manufacturer.


Thin floor finishes such as vinyl, marmoleum etc. may require the joints between the Firmax boards to be feather filled.


'no need to screed...'

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