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The ecological alternative for hardcore

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Foam glass aggregate is a fraction of the weight of gravel/hardcore making it easy to transport and work with. It has excellent compressive strength and having a closed cell structure is entirely unaffected by water. It has insulation properties due to the millions of closed cells and is made from waste glass making it environmentally very green.

Brief Installation Guide

Foam glass aggregate is lightweight and, depending on the size of the project, can be delivered in bulk bags or in full lorry loads.

Once on site the product can easily be distributed using a wheel barrow.

The foamed glass aggregate should be tamped using a 100kg compactor plate. This compresses the aggregate and mechanically binds the individual pieces together.

Foamed glass is a superb alternative to traditional hardcore when it comes to filling large voids. In addition, foamed glass aggregate does not absorb moisture and in fact allows any moisture within the sub floor to migrate through it. As a result foamed glass provides excellent ventilation within the subfloor making it ideal for sensitive, older buildings.

Are you looking for an alternative for levelling screed?

Why not consider our dry levelling slate. A lightweight fine aggregate suitable for levelling depths between 10mm and 60mm without introducing a wet trade.

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