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Heat Pumps

Fully sustainable and cost-effective ways to keep your home cosy

Ground Source heat pump diagram
Air Source heat pump diagram
Water Source heat pump diagram

Heat pumps produce low temperature water for heating systems. Therefore, the best method of harnessing the warm water generated by a heat pump is via underfloor heating, low surface temperature radiators or even fan assisted convectors. Underfloor heating installation on upper floors is not always possible so fan assisted convectors offer a highly efficient alternative to conventional radiators.

Underfloor heating and radiators


Heat pumps produce low temperature water very efficiently. The best way to utilise low temperature water within a heating system is to run the heating system continuously so that the fabric of the building is kept to a continuous temperature. Once warmed up, the building fabric becomes a giant emitter of heat therefore keeping you and your family comfortably warm.


As experts in the design, supply and installation of underfloor heating we are obviously well placed to advised.

Fan assisted fan coil units


Where underfloor heating cannot be installed (especially upper floors) we can offer fan assisted radiators which produce significant output even at low running temperatures.

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