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30mm dry-installed, panel-based underfloor heating system

System IDEAL EPS is Jupiter’s flagship product and has been on the market for over 20 years in Europe. Throughout this period the design of the system has hardly changed – testament to its good design. The IDEAL EPS system is manufactured from 30mm thick, high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a compressive strength of 240kPa and includes a 0.5mm thick integral aluminium plate which acts to diffuse the heat evenly through the floor finish above.

There are two pipe centre variants – 250mm (Central Zone) and 125mm centres (Edge Zone). The return header elements come with optional aluminium diffusion plates.

System IDEAL EPS is easily installed by following layout plans supplied with our designs. The system just requires a flat and level surface as all panel-based systems do.

The end of one ideal eps panel
Centre of an ideal eps panel
A man installs wooden perimeter battens

Perimeter support battens are supplied as part of the IDEAL EPS system and provide support within the floor for furniture. Support battens are an underrated but crucial part of a successful system. Perimeter insulation is installed as standard, primarily to prevent unwanted sound transmission through walls.

The IDEAL EPS panels are simply laid onto the existing substrate according to the accompanying layout drawings.

A man places down and aligns ideal eps panels
a hand holding a hot wire cutter to cut pipe runs in ideal blank panels

Custom channels for more complicated pipe runs can be created using a hot wire cutter. Optionally, support battens can be installed across door thresholds to prevent footfall depression.

The underfloor heating pipework is then clipped into the aluminium channels by ‘walking’ it in. 

A man installs pipe into the panels treading it in as he goes
Looking for an alternative system?

The JUPITER IDEAL ECO system is a similar panel based system but manufactured from high density recycled wood fibre rather than polystyrene. It has similar thermal values but in addition, contributes to an overall acoustic performance when installed in conjunction with one of our load bearing surfaces.

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