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The JUPITER IDEAL EPS system is a truly engineered underfloor heating system manufactured from injection-moulded EPS 035 DEO 240kPa expanded polystyrene. The system is 30mm thick providing an R-Value of 0.86m²K/W and is designed to accept the 16mm JUPITER multilayer PE-RT pipe.


The heating system consists of two panel types: ‘Central Zone’ panels offer pipe centres of 250mm and Edge Zone panels offer 125mm centres. Both of these panel types are manufactured with pre-affixed 0.5mm thick aluminium diffuser plates to optimise heat output and ensure an even spread of heat where possible. The channel within the aluminium diffuser plates is shaped like the Greek letter Omega (Ω) but upside-down to provide better encapsulation of the pipe.

Central Zone panels are made up of 8 segments which can be easily snapped to size along the break points. Similarly the Edge Zone panels are made up of 16 individual segments that can be snapped off.

30mm high density EPS system

Low profile EPS radiant heating panel system

Both panel types measure 1000mm x 500mm.

ideal eps 250 millmetre centre panel

Central Zone Panel

ideal eps 125 millmetre centre panel

Edge Zone Panel

Header panels to return the pipe at the end of a run are supplied with or without aluminium diffuser plates and are available for both 250mm and 125mm centre systems.

Unheated areas such as under kitchen cupboards, fitted furniture, baths and shower trays can be filled with similar, 30mm thick blank EPS insulation panels. Tailored pipe runs can be formed within these panels using a hot wire cutter if required.

ideal eps 250 millmetre centre header panel

Header Return Panels

ideal eps 125 millmetre centre header panel

The JUPITER multi-layer system pipe is manufactured in Germany to DIN 16836, carries a 10 year warranty and has a minimum design life of 100 years.

Info graphic showing the pipe layers
System Ideal layout diagram
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