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Fireproofing, acoustics, thermal insulation and underfloor heating in one system

Installation Guide (Coming soon!)

Achieveing a Fire Behaviour Classification of A1 according to EN13501-1, JUPITER IDEAL ROK is the only underfloor heating panel to combine fire resistance, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation into one system.

Traditionally, high compressive strength insulations have been manufactured from flammable polystyrene products, the 30mm thick IDEAL ROK system panels are made instead from fireproof natural stone wool. The panels have a sufficiently high compressive strength rating to be compatible with the majority of project applications when combined with one of Jupiter's loadbearing surfaces.

As well as being manufactured from a sustainable material the system also provides acoustic deadening qualities in one product where otherwise additional products or services would be required.

As with all of our heating panels, the IDEAL ROK elements are finished with integrated aluminium diffuser plates with an omega-shaped pipe channel and are compatible with all types of floor finish. To further reduce flammability and smoke in a fire, the aluminium heat diffuser plates are mechanically fixed, rather than adhered, to the Rockwool backing .

As per the rest of the Jupiter IDEAL range the system is delivered in two panel types, 250mm and 125mm pipe centres. As well as the main panel types the system comes with an array of other panel types to assist with installation. These include header return panels (with and without aluminium), pre-routed flow and return panels and crossover panels (to change from 250mm centres to 125mm centres).


30mm thick perimeter support battens are supplied as part of the IDEAL ROK system to provide support within the floor for furniture. Support battens are an underrated but crucial part of a successful system. Perimeter insulation is installed as standard, primarily to prevent unwanted sound transmission through walls.

The IDEAL ROK panels are simply laid on the substrate according to the accompanying layout drawings.

Specific channels for certain pipework runs can be created using a router.

The underfloor heating pipework is then clipped into the aluminium channels. 

Looking for an alternative system?

The JUPITER IDEAL EPS system is a similar panel based system to be used where fireproofing is not required. It is instead manufactured from high density, 240kPa polystyrene rather than Rockwool. It offers the same thermal insulation and is also finished with integrated 0.5mm aluminium heat diffusion plates.

Installation Guide (Coming soon!)
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