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30mm medium density mineral wool system

Fire resistant, acoustic performance, sustainable material

The JUPITER IDEAL ROK system is manufactured from renewable, non-combustible stone mineral wool and provides thermal insulation in addition to significant sound attenuation when used in conjunction with a dry screed board such as Fermacell 2E11.

Jupiter IDEAL ROK panels are precisely machined with pipe centres at 125mm and are finished with 0.5mm thick aluminium heat diffuser plates. The channels within the aluminium are Omega-shaped (Ω) and tightly encapsulate the heating pipework to provide a secure fit and maximum heat output.

To minimise the panels' contribution to a fire we have developed a clever method of mechanically fixing the aluminium heat diffuser plates to the Rockwool insulation, removing the need for a flammable adhesive.

The structure of the Rockwool panels tightly traps air to provide its thermal resistance. The Rockwool base does not contain gases with Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) or Global Warming Potential (GWP).


Product specification

Fire class EN 13501:           A1 (non-combustible)

Material:                             Rockwool

Weight:                               7.5kg/m²

Panel dimensions:              1000 x 500 x 30mm

Heat conduction group:     WLS 040

Thermal conductivity:         0.040W/mK

Thermal resistance:                      R=0.75m²K/W

Dynamic stiffness:                         ≤42MN/m³

Impact sound improvement:        ≤23dB

Scope EN1991-1-1 Tab. 6.1 DE:   All

Compressibility CP2:                    ≤ 1mm

UDL under screedboard:              ≤1.5 kN/m²

Header panels to return the pipe at the end of a run are supplied exclusively with aluminium diffuser plates to aid retention of the pipework and improve heat output.

Unheated areas such as under kitchen cupboards, fitted furniture, baths and shower trays can be filled with similar, 30mm blank mineral wool insulation panels. Tailored pipe runs can be formed within these panels using a router if required.

The JUPITER multi-layer system pipe is manufactured in Germany to DIN 16836, carries a 10 year warranty and has a minimum design life of 50 years.

Jupiter PE-RT underfloor heating pipe .p
Installation Guide (Coming Soon!)
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