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Keeping the warmth underfoot


Dry floor constructions depend on all the individual components to be successful. Using the wrong components can result in catastrophic failure such as collapsing floors and cracking stones.

Ensuring that the substrate is flat and level to start with is imperative to ensure that no movement can occur in the subsequent sandwich of layers. In addition, the type of primary insulation used should, if required, have a minimum compressive strength of 120kPa. Insulation with this compressive strength is suitable up to 100mm under the Jupiter IDEAL system range. It is recommended that only one layer of insulation is used. Do not make up heights using multiple layers. If greater depth of insulation is required, specify a higher compressive strength product such as Kingspan Styrozone.


Jupiter has worked closely with Kingspan over the years and recommends the use of the Kooltherm K103 rigid insulation panel in conjunction with the IDEAL product range.

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Testing of Kingspan Insulaton

Not only does Kingspan Kooltherm K103 contribute significantly to the overall performance of the floor, it has also proven to be strong and stable for use in residential and light commercial applications. The combined system was successfully tested for loading capacity at our laboratory in Germany.

In order to calculate the correct thickness of Kooltherm K103 required, Kingspan produced a table which provides the thickness of insulation required to meet the desired U-Value based on a perimeter / area ratio (P/A). The values within the table include the insulative value of the Jupiter IDEAL system.

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