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Kingspan K103

U-value table

The values that give the what and how an answer

Understanding the U-value tables

The tables below created by Kingspan include the 30mm IDEAL EPS system as part of the overall insulation value.

The perimeter/area ratio is worked out by dividing the exposed perimeter given by the floor area, and this will calculate how much floor insulation is needed.

Exposed wall refers to only the walls that connect you to an unheated space, so this will mainly be an outside space or it could be areas such as a garage.

The smaller the P/A figure the smaller the amount of insulation that is required, for example, a large area with a small exposed perimeter will have smaller heat losses and, therefore, will require less insulation.

If you would like Kingspan to provide you with an official document confirming the thickness of insulation required for your building project contact Kingspan on 01544 387 382 or email

Assuming 150mm concrete and 30mm Jupiter EPS (thermal resistance 0.86m²K/W)

Assuming 100mm beam and block deck with 30mm Jupiter EPS (thermal resistance 0.86m²K/W)

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