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Lightweight, crushed natural slate suitable for levelling from 10mm to 60mm

Unlike sand, our proprietary levelling compounds mechanically bind together without the need for additional bonding agents. Although very common in Germany where they were first introduced decades ago, they are less common in the UK. Jupiter introduced dry levelling compounds to the UK over 10 years ago and have always supplied the natural slate version due to its very high compressive strength.


Weighing only 5.6kg/m² at a depth of 10mm such a lightweight levelling system is beneficial when overall floor loads are critical. Moreover, liquid levelling screeds are more permanent should a mistake be made.


When sloping floors are required such as in certain church floor constructions or wet rooms, falls can be created with the slate compound.


Dry levelling compounds can be installed using purpose-made levelling tools. These are precisely manufactured aluminium spirit levels approximately 2m in length. There is no need to compact the slate, simply pour slate over floor and level.

Levelling slate in the corners can be achieved using a traditional trowel. If required, the slate can be installed to a fall to create wet room floors.

Falls within the aggregate (wet room floors) can be formed by adding a small amount of cement and spraying with water once installed.

Alternatively, large areas can be levelled with a laser controlled robot.

Do you have a greater depth to fill, looking for an alternative to hardcore?

Why not consider foam glass aggregate (FGA). A lightweight recycled glass building material suitable for infilling excavated areas that removes the need for a concrete slab.

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