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You decide how hot it gets

Controlling an underfloor heating system can be complicated – but we can make it simple. Whether you are using a heat pump or a gas boiler, whether you want to control your underfloor heating via smartphone or just a simple dial thermostat we can advise you which is best.

Don’t forget designing an underfloor heating system is about getting the room temperature right. Having underfloor heating installed doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a hot floor – in most cases our clients don’t notice the floor is even on – but yet they are comfortable in the room. That’s good design.

We can offer a range of thermostats – digital display units with mobile phone integration or dial thermostats for the simple approach.

Electronic Thermostat

Every hydronic underfloor heating system requires a manifold to evenly distribute the warm water through the various pipes under the floor.  Ours are made to the highest standards in Germany from box section stainless steel – designed to last a lifetime!

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