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NEO 19

19mm thick Neopor system ideal for refurbishments

System IDEAL NEO19 is ultra-thin version of the IDEAL EPS system. As the name suggests the system is 19mm thick and is manufactured from Neopor – a form of EPS insulation with additional graphite which provides enhanced thermal performance.

As with the rest of the IDEAL range of products the 0.5 mm aluminium diffuser plates are integral and contain omega shaped channels to securely hold the pipe in place. Panels are available with both 250mm centres and 125mm centres. Accessory panels such as blank and manifold distribution panels are also available.

Being only 19mm thick it is recommended that the panels are adhered to the substrate.

System IDEAL NEO19

IDEAL NEO19 panels are best adhered to the substrate according to the accompanying layout drawings.

19mm high perimeter support battens are supplied as part of the IDEAL NEO19 system and provide support within the floor for furniture. An underrated but crucial part of a successful system. Perimeter insulation is installed as standard, primarily to prevent unwanted sound transmission through walls.

The standard 16mm professional multi-layer PE-RT pipe is used in conjunction with the NEO19 system and, being quite rigid, is best installed using a pipe dispensing reel. Pipe should first be attached to the manifold before being clipped into the floor element channels.

The 16mm pipe is robust and is holds its shape well due to its rigid aluminium core. Long straight runs are best fixed in to place by ‘walking’ the pipework in but more care, using hands, is required on tight bends and around the manifold area.

Looking for an alternative system?

If you are struggling to accommodate any form of underfloor heating system, the JUPITER SYSTEM VERTICAL is a similar panel-based system that, as the name suggests, is fitted to walls. Manufactured from the same high density, 240kPa polystyrene SYSTEM VERTICAL produces phenomenal output without the usual concerns of floor surface temperatures.

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