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Underfloor Heating

Solutions at your feet

Underfloor heating isn't just about heat output, it's about providing a floor construction that won't fail.

It’s easy to bring underfloor heating products to market and there are many companies in the UK market simply selling products. What they can’t bring to the marketplace quickly however, is knowledge. Jupiter has years of experience having completed hundreds of projects and it is this experience that you benefit from when you come to us for a solution.

Whether you are renovating an old, historic building or building a brand-new sports hall, Jupiter has the correct solution. From traditional pipe-in-screed to wall heating and ceiling cooling the product range produced by Jupiter is unrivalled.

Panel Based Solutions
Panel Based Solutions

The original EPS panel based underfloor heating system. The IDEAL EPS system hasn’t really changed in over 20 years. Manufactured from 240kPa high-density EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene), the IDEAL panels are form moulded and are finished with 0.5mm thick aluminium sheet to evenly and rapidly diffuse the heat emanating from the pipe.


The IDEAL EPS system offers a clean, quick and effective underfloor heating solution with pedigree.

IDEAL EPS installed in a room with pipe in the pipe runs

Shortly after the launch of the IDEAL EPS system in 1996 the IDEAL ECO system was introduced. Manufactured from recycled wood fibre, IDEAL ECO offers the same heat output and thermal performance as the IDEAL EPS system but has the additional property of acoustic insulation. This makes it particularly suitable for apartment blocks and floors that require certain acoustic performance.

IDEAL ECO installd between joist in a room that isn't square

Launched in 2021 the IDEAL ROK system brings fire-resistance to Jupiter's screedless product arsenal. IDEAL ROK utilises the same proven rigid aluminium heat diffuser plates and multi-layer composite pipe as our other heating panel systems.

Ideal ROK is manufactured from sustainable, high compressive strength Rockwool insulation, which combines fire-resistance, thermal insulation, excellent acoustic performance and zero Ozone Depletion Potential in one layer.


In 2015 Jupiter introduced the IDEAL NEO 19 system. Manufactured from BASF Neopor, the NEO19 system is only 19mm thick and is also finished with 0.5mm thick aluminium plates to diffuse the heat evenly. Although the system does not meet Part-L insulation requirements it is particularly useful for renovation projects where available construction height is limited.

IDEAL NEO 19 installed in a room
Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke Solutions

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for underfloor heating solutions for existing buildings Jupiter developed the IDEAL system to work in conjunction with floor joists. This solution requires more workmanship as joisted floors are never uniform and the heating panels have to be cut to fit. The key design feature of the BETWEEN JOIST solution is that the aluminium diffuser sheets are in physical contact with the surface above and ensuring an even heat output.

IDEAL EPS retrofit between joists

Our floor constructions are not purely about heat output. At Jupiter we consider other aspects of the build process and have therefore considered the effect of sound travelling through the floor constructions that we provide. Meeting certain acoustic requirements in buildings falls under Part-E of the Building Regulations and Jupiter has designed heating solutions that either comply with or assist in complying with the regulation.

REDUPAX install on the joists with IDEAL ECO retrofit between joists to comply with Part-E

When there is not enough floor space to provide sufficient heat output Jupiter has considered the walls as a potential additional area. Not hindered by thick carpets or fickle timber floors, walls can produce high output without the normal surface temperature limitations associated with floors. SYSTEM VERTICAL can be served by the same manifolds as floor heating and can be thermally mapped to ensure clients don’t hang pictures in the wrong place!

IDEAL EPS installed on wall for System Vertical

Over the last decade, we have perfected the art of installing underfloor heating within a wet room floor without having to create a fall in screed. We have worked with  Impey Wetrooms and utilised their Aqua Dec Linear range to provide a solution that offers good heat output and structural stability for tile and stone floor finishes.

IDEAL EPS under Screed replacement tiles for Wet Rooms
Screed Based Solutions
Screed Based Solutions

The traditional pipe in screed system is a proven underfloor heating method and is a system that Jupiter also supply and install. Pipework is clipped into rails at pre-determined distances onto insulation. Perfect for standard sand / cement screeds, concrete floors, liquid anhydrite screeds and in-situ terrazzo floors.

Jupiter's Pipe installed ready for a screed to go on top for System Standard

An alternative to pipe clipped on insulation, SYSTEM CASTELLATED offers a tougher system that can better withstand site traffic. Again, suitable for all types of screed and concrete floors.

Castellated panels holding down Jupiter's pipe

Innovative and cost-effective: SYSTEM RED utilises a proven hook-and-loop fixing system to provide a rapidly installed pipe-in-screed system for both bonded and unbonded screeds.

This unique system permits the installation of a traditional system without puncturing any membranes or insulation installed below.

System RED UFH close up.jpg

With the building industry becoming ever more conscious of the effects of incorporating flammable products, Jupiter have developed a new solution: System STANDARD ROK. This new system is based on mineral wool manufactured by the world’s leading supplier of fire-retardant insulation. Not only does the system provide total fire retardancy, it also offers outstanding acoustic properties. As more and more specifications insist upon fireproof materials, the Jupiter System STANDARD ROK sets the new benchmark in traditional, screed-based underfloor heating systems.

Cross section of ROK with jupiter's pipe pinned on top
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