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1. All between joists solutions from Jupiter have to be installed on a stable timber substrate positioned between the joists. In the case of our Part-E solution, the ply should be set 21mm below the top of each joist. The ply should be glued and screwed to the battens. Joists may be levelled beforehand either by installing ply on the sides of the joists and then infilling between the two. This procedure also significantly stiffens the joists.

2. Alternatively joists can be levelled by introducing wooden firrings.

3. The 9mm Redupax wood fibre acoustic strips should be cut to the exact width of each joist.

4. The Redupax strips can either be left floating on each joist or stapled into position. The ply insert should now be 30mm below the top of the Redupax.

5. Pipes running across joists should pass through slightly routed joists (10mm) and between two pieces of Redupax.

6. Further example of installation work.

7. Further example of installation work.

8. Further example of installation work.

9. Installation of Fermacell 2E11 as a floating floor.

10. Further example of installation work.

'no need to screed...'

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