Underfloor heating solutions with outstanding acoustic performance

At Jupiter we believe that there is more to underfloor heating than simply pipework. That is why we were the first manufacturer to produce an underfloor heating system that takes care of impact and airborne sound.

Where other suppliers rely on third party resilient layers to deal with acoustic issues, the IDEAL ECO system is both an underfloor heating system and acoustic treatment in one.

Being made from recycled wood fibre the IDEAL ECO panel has considerable mass – conducive to reducing sound transmission. When part of an overall floor construction the IDEAL ECO system can contribute significantly to Part E of the Building Regulations.

As well as being effective on a concrete slab and over suspended floor constructions, Jupiter have successfully exceeded Part E requirements even when installing between existing floor joists.


Jupiter manufacture the IDEAL ECO system primarily for its acoustic properties. The high density of the wood fibre acts as a resilient layer.

Used in conjunction with either our 12 mm Firmax board or 20mm Fermacell, the IDEAL ECO system is perfect as an acoustic floor treatment is apartment buildings.

We also cracked the problem of installing underfloor heating within floor joists whilst retaining a floor construction that complies with Part-E. Redupax™ is a wood fibre based acoustic floor treatment.

We cut the Redupax™ panels into strips so they fit exactly on top of each joist.

Looking for an ultra thin load bearing surface?

The Jupiter DimaMat system can be as little as 3mm thick and can be applied directly over our IDEAL heating panels. A unique new product, DimaMat can help you realise your underfloor heating designs even if you have little to no height available.