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Enhanced acoustic underfloor heating system

Wood fibre panel system with aluminium spreader plates

System IDEAL Between Joist Part-E

The JUPITER IDEAL Between Joist Part E system is designed to sit snugly between joists so that the 0.5mm thick aluminium heat diffuser plates are in direct contact with the floor finish above.  With pipe centres at 125mm, 3 pipes can be installed between typical 400mm joist centres. As joist spacing varies, heating panels are trimmed to fit on site. Preparatory work requires that the ply and battens on which the heating panel sits are fixed between the joists at the correct depth.


A further 9mm resilient, acoustic strip is fixed to each joist. These strips are cut to width on site.


Upper floor installations require no further insulation as the heating panels themselves meet the minimum Part L requirement.


Channels across joists are created either by routing or saw and chisel. A depth and width of 20mm is sufficient for the pipe to cross the joists.

Installing underfloor heating between joists is an excellent solution for existing floors as it is normally possible to maintain existing floor levels. Timber flooring (both solid and engineered) can be fitted directly to the existing joists. All other floor finishes can be fitted to intermediate load bearing surfaces such as Fermacell 2E11 or our Screed Replacement Tile.


Heat output


The IDEAL Between Joist system provides similar heat output to our other systems through the use of the aluminium heat diffuser plates. Typical heat outputs range from 60W/m² for timber and carpeted floors to more than 100W/m² for tile and stone floors.

The JUPITER multi-layer system pipe is manufactured in Germany to DIN 16836, carries a 10 year warranty and has a minimum design life of 100 years.

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