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Computer generated image of underfloor heating pipe composed of 5 layers: PERT, Adhesive, Welded Aluminium, Adhesive, PERT

JUPITER Multi-layer composite pipe

16mm x 2mm PE/RT

Multi-layer composite pipe


JUPITER Multi-Layer Composite pipe is the perfect solution for many types of plumbing and heating installation.

Applications JUPITER MLC pipe is suitable for use in plumbing systems, radiator connections and underfloor


Diagram showing the Omega shape of the pipe run

Authority Full certification from all relevant testing and approval bodies. The manufacture is to the highest quality control including BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. It is manufactured in Germany according to DIN 16836. All MLC pipe manufactured in Germany has a minimum design life of 200 years and a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years

Description The five-layer composite pipe offers product advantages that are second to none: the aluminium core is 100% oxygen diffusion tight. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes in temperature. The system is designed for easy, safe and fast pipe installations; simply bend, cut-to-length, bevel, join and press.


Dimensions JUPITER MLC pipe is available in sizes between 16 mm and 63 mm for a multitude of domestic and commercial applications, from battened walls to riser pipes.


The inner and outer polyethylene pipes prevent scaling and corrosion and its special combination of overlapped aluminium and raised temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) ensures that JUPITER MLC is a full strength plastic alternative to copper and now gives the installer the advantage of both metal and plastic, but with none of the disadvantages.

The advantage of PE-RT pipe is its increased flexibility over PE-X (tighter bend radius) and its 100% airtightness.

PE-RT has a maximum temperature / pressure rating of 70ºC at 10 Bar.

Bending radius: 5 x d (external diameter)

Note on other multi layer pipes

For plastic pipes (PB, PP-R, PE-X, PE-X-MD), DIN 4726 defines the diffusion rate requirements that have to be satisfied in order to claim that a pipe is diffusion-protected. According to this standard diffusion-protected pipes must have an oxygen diffusion rate of <0.10g/(m³xd) per day at 40°C, where d is the internal diameter of the pipe.


Under ideal conditions a newly manufactured pipe that has not been damaged through exposure to ultraviolet light, abrasion etc. should have an oxygen ingress rate of approximately 0.005g/l(m³xd).


Depending on the system temperature etc. the oxygen ingress rate can rise.


PE-X tubes only fulfil the standard but technically are not 100% diffusion safe as pipe with an aluminium core is.

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