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If you are seeking confidence in your specification, look no further.

The basic design of much of our systems has not changed in twenty years.

We believe this is testament to their excellent design and versatility.

Man an woman study underfloor heating plan

Over the years, we have provided technical guidance to thousands of architects looking for reliable design solutions. Our technical knowledge is extensive, our experience is vast and the design principles of our system have not changed in two decades. We believe that there is no substitute for learning by doing and have fine-tuned our products and methods along the way in light of this.

Our systems have been tested at the BRE and at MPA Karlsruhe. With thousands of projects under our belt our systems have been proven extensively and the high occurrence of repeat specification from our architectural contact base speaks for itself.

We can provide one-to-one guidance on floor construction design, heat source specification, heat outputs and can of course provide section drawings if necessary. Floor construction data sheets and associated .DWG files for all our solutions are available within the technical section of this website.

We work with a whole host of mechanical engineers throughout the UK and Germany and can therefore point you in the right direction should you need further professional advice.


Site visits can be crucial to understanding how to implement our solutions correctly and so we are more than happy to attend site meetings if deemed useful. Contact us today to find out more.

"I had hoped to email you before I left Purcell to say what a wonderful job you made of St Mary. The vicar and the contractor were also both very complimentary of you and your team"

- D.P. Purcell Architects

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Certified CPD Seminar

For architects requiring CPD credits we offer an informative, technical seminar entitled ‘Solutions To Common Problems In The Installation And Performance Of Underfloor Heating Systems’.

Where next? Why not have a look at our unique underfloor heating products and decide which system may best suit your needs?
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