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Renewable Heating

Design, supply and installation of complete systems.

Your entire heating system from one supplier:
simple, reliable and sustainable.

During our 16 years of providing the highest-efficiency floor heating system we encountered the same problem time and again: incorrectly specified heat sources and lack of knowledge.

We set out to change that.

At Jupiter we have been installing high quality underfloor heating systems for the last 16 years. In an industry that was traditionally dominated by screed and concrete systems we were one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in dry-installed underfloor heating systems. This evolution presented the opportunity for existing buildings to be successfully retrofitted with low-energy heating systems. We have a proud record of transforming old, cold properties into warm, welcoming environments.

Over the years we have completed thousands of installations throughout the UK. Our high-profile contracts include the likes of the RNLI for whom we provide cost-effective and efficient heating solutions nationwide. The level of repeat business we receive demonstrates to us that we are highly successful in looking after our clients long after we have installed our systems and left site.

We installed our first MasterTherm heat pump over a decade ago and it is still performing as new.

We pride ourselves on employing full-time installers that can install all forms of heat pumps in addition to underfloor heating. Co-ordination of the complete installation can be undertaken by Jupiter so that our clients have a single point of contact for their heating system.

Heat Pump Graph.png

The graph demonstrates both the reduced environmental impact and minimal running costs that can be achieved by installing a heat pump. N.b. the MasterTherm BoxAir Inverter we typically supply has a coefficient of performance of 4.72!

Heat Pumps

Jupiter supply and install heat pumps exclusively by MasterTherm; the best-performing underfloor heating system available should be paired with the most advanced heat pump for maximum effectiveness.


MasterTherm heat pumps by Jupiter can be monitored and operated remotely, enabling troubleshooting and fine tuning of systems without incurring callout charges. System data is continuously being collected so that trends and running costs can be observed.

Crucially for the urban environment, MasterTherm heat pumps are especially quiet. Using advanced low-speed fans and low-loss double scroll compressors, the units are particularly innocuous and then further suppressed by their special soundproof cabinets.

Your heating system is the heart of your home. Having invested in the most advanced heat pump and underfloor heating system available you will undoubtedly want to look after it. To ensure the best performance from your system and to minimise servicing requirements the right kind of water should be used within your system. Jupiter offer water treatment and degassing equipment as part of our holistic approach to provide the most advanced and complete system available.

Clarimax Water Treatment

Water De-mineralisation system

Reflex Winkelmann Degasser

Water-Degassing System

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

To encourage the uptake of renewable heating technologies, the UK Government set up the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. For compliant installations the UK Government will provide quarterly payments over the course of seven years to support those who want to make the switch to a renewable heat source.

House Money .jpg

All of Jupiter's installations are performed with MCS-accredited (Microgenerator Certification Scheme) installers and are eligible to receive payments under the RHI scheme.

The amount that you receive will depend upon how much heating demand you cover with your heat pump, and its co-efficient of performance.

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