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The only load bearing surface that offers a 5-year warranty on the final floor finish

The Screed Replacement Tile (S.R.T.) system is a truly innovative product that has revolutionised the underfloor heating market over the last 20 years.


Over the last 20 years the S.R.T. system has established itself as the most durable, dry installed alternative to screed. It is incredibly robust and has been used in thousands of projects without a single failure. From small residential projects to large scale commercial sites the S.R.T. system ticks all the boxes when it comes ensuring a reliable specification.

Although the S.R.T. system is suitable for all floor finishes it is used mostly in conjunction with stone and tile floor finishes.


At first glance the S.R.T. seems unremarkable and equally its benefits unbelievable. The simple fact that hundreds of architects now specify the S.R.T. system is a testament to the product’s outstanding capabilities. It is difficult to imagine that an 18mm thick ceramic tile can accept a point load of 5kN (500kg) and can absorb deflection to l/240 – that is 3 times the British Standard requirement.

The fact that no decoupling system is required is also difficult to comprehend. As the S.R.T. expands so little (approximately 0.1mm/10m) it does not require expansion joints in areas up to 450m². As most stone and tile floor finishes have a similar coefficient of expansion as the S.R.T. they move together as one. In fact, when installed correctly and without a decoupling membrane, we have never experienced a failure with the S.R.T. system.

In 2011 the Building Research Establishment (BRE) conducted a full-scale deflection test to establish the exact deflection capability of the S.R.T. system. The test was undertaken to dispel any concerns the design team behind the New Weston Library project in Oxford had. The results were conclusive and demonstrated once and for all what remarkable deflection properties the system has. The full test report is available upon request.

Due to its minimal thermal resistance and thin form factor, the Screed Replacement Tile’s heat output surpasses many other systems. According to BS EN 1264 the combined thermal resistance of a floor finish and screed should not exceed R=0.15m²K/W (1.5 Tog). The high performance of this system can be viewed within it's heat output data.


The Screed Replacement Tile (S.R.T.) is straight forward to install and does not require any specialist skills. Installation begins with rolling out the slip membrane. This prevents the S.R.T. adhesive from coming in to contact with the panels and pipe. Additional rows of the metre-wide membrane should overlap and be taped together. 

The tiles are tongue-and-groove on the long edge and are simply dipped in the supplied adhesive. The tongues of the tiles should be pushed home into the corresponding grooves in brick-bond format and after completing several rows the excess adhesive should be scraped off and returned to the pot. There is no need to clean up the tiles as the system is an unseen substrate. Tiles can be easily cut with a regular tile cutter or angle grinder.

Once installed and subjected to normal ambient temperatures the Screed Replacement Tile system only requires 36 hours to totally cure. The system can be used as a working surface for general site traffic and can be subjected to greater loads if certain guidelines are followed. No movement joints are required up to 450m².

The Screed Replacement Tile system requires no heating up protocol and all finishes can be installed as soon as 36 hours after completion. No decoupling membranes (e.g. DitraMat) should be used and as no movement joints are required with the S.R.T. system no movement joints are required within the final stone/tile finish. Stone and tiles should be adhered directly with a BS EN 12004 Class C2S1 adhesive.     

Looking for an alternative load bearing surface?

The Jupiter Fermacell Boards have the option of being 20 or 25mm thick and can be applied directly over our IDEAL heating panels. They accept a wide range of floor finishes and have a unique lap joint to ensure a strong and smooth base.

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