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Screed Replacement Tile

18mm load bearing surface

Screed Replacement Tile

The JUPITER Screed Replacement Tile is a wet-trade free alternative to a 65mm sand/cement screed comprising tongue-and-groove natural terracotta tiles.

The tiles are adhered together in brick bond fashion using a proprietary, non-toxic cmentitious adhesive on top of a slip membrane. The SRT system forms a floating floor that inherently decouples the finished floor from the substrate:

guaranteeing that it will not crack.

The SRT system requires only 36 hours to fully cure before heating system can be switched on and floor finish laid. No heating up protocol is required as the system is fully cured after 36 hours.

As the SRT system expands and contracts minimally across the range of temperatures it will experience in service, there is no requirement for movement or expansion joints for areas up to 450m².

Product specification

Density:                       1950kg/m³ ± 100kg/m³

Thickness:                   18mm ±1mm

Tile dimensions:         550mm x 200mm ±2mm

Mass:                           35.3kg/m²

Fire classification:       A1 (to EN 13501: 2007)

Thermal resistance:    R=0.017m²K/W

Thermal conductivity: λ= 1.03W/mK


Pallet contents 180 tiles / 27m²

Pallet dimensions: W1200mm x D800mm x H1000mm

Pallet: 900kg

Product benefits


  • Boasting virtually nil thermal resistance, a lower specific heat capacity than screed at a much thinner form factor provides rapid heat-up and cool-down with no loss of floor strength

  • Simple to install – no specialist knowledge or training required

  • Suitable for all floor finish choices*

  • 5kN point load capacity

  • Tested deflection capability with stone floor Tested deflection capability with stone floor ℓ/240. (i.e. can tolerate 20mm deflection over 5m) 3 x better than the standard ℓ/720 requirement requirement for installation of stone/tiles

  • No decoupling membrane required

  • No movement joints required up to 450m²

  • Accepts any format tile / porcelain / stone – no maximum size

  • 5 year warranty provided for tile / porcelain / stone floor finishes supplied and installed by others on top of the Screed Replacement Tile system without a decoupling membrane

*Some floor finishes such as vinyl and carpet may require the application of a levelling compound prior to their installation.

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