Installation of Final Finishes









1. Installing vinyl finishes (e.g. Marmoleum, Karndean) and carpets:

2. In order to avoid ‘shadowing’ through the finished floor a levelling compound should be used over the Screed Replacement Tiles. In the case of carpets, gripper rods can be adhered to the Screed Replacement Tile system

3. Installing timber floors:

4. Engineered timber floors can be adhered to the Screed Replacement Tiles using flexible adhesive such as Sikabond T52/T54. Localised levelling with smoothing compound may be required before installation of timber floor finishes.

5. Installing stone and tile floors:

6. Stone and tile finishes should be adhered using flexible adhesive which conforms to BS EN12004 Class C2S1


The SRT floor should be clear of grease and dust. Adhesive primers may be used if deemed necessary by the stone installer.


Do NOT install a decoupling mat.

7. Installing poured terrazzo floors:


Installers install thin levelling compound

8. Marble fragments mixed with resin and poured directly over SRT system.

'no need to screed...'

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