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Robust, rigid castellated panel supplied with or without insulation backing

Castellated panels are designed to simplify the procedure of preparing the floor for laying heating pipes by offering quick and easy positioning of pipes without requiring further fixings. The underfloor heating pipework is clipped securely between the studs at predetermined centres.

System CASTELLATED has two further benefits over traditional pipe and clip systems: 1) the rigid interlocking castellated panels act as a separating layer negating an additional DPM and 2) the raised studs within the panels protect the pipework against site traffic prior to screeding.

Brief Installation Guide

SYSTEM CASTELLATED is a traditional pipe in screed system but uses either pre-insulated or uninsulated castellated plastic panels. As the pipes are fixed snugly they are less likely to be damaged or moved during a typical build. The panels overlap each other to form a reliable tank for the screed.

As with all screed systems perimeter insulation is required with a combined skirt to prevent the screed from escaping at the edge of the insulation.

The underfloor heating pipe work is then clipped into the castellated panels as per the accompanying drawings.

Either a sand/cement screed or an anhydrite liquid screed can be installed over the system.

Looking for a more traditional screed based system?

The Jupiter SYSTEM STANDARD is a traditional pipe in screed system that utilises self-adhesive clip rails to position and hold the 16mm multi-layer pipe. SYSTEM STANDARD is suitable for liquid / sand & cement screeds as well as polished concrete floors.

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