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Installation Guide











1. Begin by fixing the perimeter insulation to the wall by using the self-adhesive strip on the back.

When using floor insulation ≥ 5cm fix the perimeter insulation to the wall above the insulation.

2. Use a staple gun if necessary to ensure the perimeter insulation is securely fixed.

3. Slide the castellated panel under the clear flap.

4. Castellated panels overlap each other by at least one row.

5. Simply clip panels together.

6. Press in sealing strip. This creates an absolute seal between the clear flap of the perimeter insulation and the castellated panel. This ensures that no screed creeps between the panel and the perimeter insulation.

7. Connect one end of the pipe to the manifold and fix the heating pipes into the castellated panels at the pipe centres defined in the design information. Make sure that the distance between wall and first pipe row is at least 10cm.

8. The pipe is relatively rigid and keeps its form once bent. Take care when forming tight bends and use an external bending spring if necessary.​

9. Long straight runs of pipe can be clipped in to position by pressing in with your feet.

10. Once the installation is complete, fill the system with water, purge of air and leave under pressure (1.5bar). We advise that the system is kept under pressure during the screeding process.

'no need to screed...'

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