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Felt underfloor heating pipe fixing


An innovative fixing system for rapid installation without penetrating the membrane or insulation

System RED uses our unique RED pipework, pre-fixed with a hook-and-loop fastening system. This clever fixing method affords the system maximum flexibility in its installation and, crucially, removes the requirement for penetrating clips that are common to other fixing methods.

This system enables the installation of an underfloor heating system over damp proof membranes without having to fix through them.

Brief Installation Guide

As with all screed systems perimeter insulation is required with a combined skirt to prevent the screed from escaping at the edge of the insulation.

The cover is removed from the self-adhesive felt's backing to allow its adhesion to the prepared substrate. The self-adhesive felt is available with our without a series of holes to permit bonding of the screed to the substrate below.


The underfloor heating pipe work is then fixed robustly in place with a particularly robust hook tape that is applied to the pipework during its manufacture. Installing the pipe is child's play.

Either a sand/cement screed or an anhydrite liquid screed can be installed over the system.

Looking for a more traditional screed based system?

The Jupiter SYSTEM STANDARD is a traditional pipe in screed system that utilises self-adhesive clip rails to position and hold the 16mm multi-layer pipe. SYSTEM STANDARD is suitable for liquid / sand & cement screeds as well as polished concrete floors.

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