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Pipe in screed system – suitable for sand / cement & anhydrite screeds.

System STANDARD is the traditional pipe in screed system and utilises the JUPITER 16mm PE-RT pipe at the core of the system. The heating pipework is clipped into heavy duty polypropylene clip rails which are in turn fixed to the insulation below with a self-adhesive strip.

Depending on heat output required, pipe centres can range from 100mm to 300mm. Further information on heat outputs can be found here and further information on pipe centres can be found here. Perimeter insulation is supplied and fitted as standard to all abutments.

For residential applications, a sand/cement screed of 65mm is used (45mm covering) or a 50mm anhydrite screed (30mm covering).

Screed based systems are suitable for most floor finishes although caution should be applied when installing stone or tile finishes. In these cases, a decoupling system should be employed between the floor finish and the screed. It is not advised to install a natural stone floor on heated anhydrite screed.

Movement joints, as prescribed by British Standards, should be incorporated in all designs. Joints at thresholds should also be taken into account.


SYSTEM STANDARD is the traditional pipe and clip system. Installation is straightforward and begins with fixing the perimeter insulation which includes a skirt to prevent the screed from escaping at the edge of the room.

Once the insulation is installed and all the joints are taped, the clip rails can be fixed down using the self-adhesive strips.

The underfloor heating pipework is then clipped into the rails as per the accompanying drawings.

Either a sand / cement screed (min. 65mm) or a anhydrite liquid screed (min. 50mm) can be installed over the system.

Looking for a more robust screed based system?

Jupiter SYSTEM CASTELLATED encapsulates the underfloor heating pipework and offers better site protection before screed is installed.

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