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A 30mm thick panel that's not only flame-retardant but sound insulating too.

SYSTEM STANDARD ROK is a new and unique approach to traditional pipe in screed underfloor heating comprised of mineral wool based insulation providing exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation in addition to excellent fire resistance.

With the ever-increasing concern surrounding the flammable materials being used in buildings today, Jupiter have now launched an underfloor heating system based on fire-resistant mineral wool insulation. The 30mm mineral wool panels are covered with a stitched on, woven polyethylene sheet. This protects the insulation from the screed and, having a printed grid, allows the pipes to be positioned accurately. Pipes are fixed down either with self-adhesive clip rails or a tacker gun.

The perimeter insulation is also made from mineral wool and comes with an integrated tanking strip to prevent screed from creeping under the panels.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Exceptional fire-resistance

  • Increased sound insulation

  • Totally bio-degradable 

  • Loadable to 20kN/m²

  • Contains 50% less primary energy than a normal PIR insulation

  • Complies with insulated floor screeds in building construction requirement, din 18560-2​

  • R-Value complies with EN1264

System Standard Rok

Begin by placing the perimeter insulation against the wall. If you are using additional insulation that is ≥50mm thick, fix the perimeter insulation to the wall above the insulation.

Ensure that the clear plastic skirt is positioned above the System ROK insulation panels and the printed foil overlaps from panel to panel, you can then tape down the plastic strip.

Press self-adhesive clip rails into position on the foil or use a tacker gun to secure to the pipes in position.

Insert the pipe into the clip rails at the pipe centres specified in our pipe layout design. Fix flow and return pipes down every 2 metres. When making joints in the pipe use JUPITER press fittings. Joints should only be made on straight runs and never on pipe bends.

Looking for a more traditional screed system?

The Jupiter SYSTEM STANDARD is a traditional pipe in screed system that utilises self-adhesive clip rails to position and hold the 16mm multi-layer pipe. SYSTEM STANDARD is suitable for liquid / sand & cement screeds as well as polished concrete floors.

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