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Rockwool MW 035 DES sm

Suitable for sand/cement or anhydrite screeds

System Standard ROK

The JUPITER System STANDARD ROK is a new non-flammable system based on Rockwool mineral insulation. Available in varying thicknesses (standard 30mm) System STANDARD ROK insulation is manufactured with a stitched on gridded PE foil in order for pipe clip rails to be easily aligned and adhered.

As well as the obvious fire retardant qualities System STANDARD ROK has the benefit of excellent acoustic properties. These combined properties make the suitable very suitable for apartment projects where both Part E compliance and possible fire resistance are considered important.

The system meets the minimum insulation requirement for upper floors R- value 0.75 m²K/W.

Suitable for 65, 75mm sand/ cement screed or 55mm anhydrite screed

The JUPITER multi-layer system pipe is manufactured in Germany to DIN 16836, carries a 10 year warranty and has a minimum design life of 100 years.

≤28 dB

Sound reduction

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