Installation Guide











1. Begin by placing the perimeter insulation against the wall .

When using floor insulation ≥ 5cm fix the perimeter insulation to the wall above the insulation.

2. Position the first STANDARD ROK insulation panel against the perimeter insulation with the overlap foil edges facing out.

3. Ensure that the clear flap (tanking strip) of the perimeter insulation is positioned above the STANDARD ROK. This is to prevent future screed from getting within the perimeter insulation and the panels.

4. When installing further insulation panels ensure that the overlap foil (50mm) on each panel covers the adjacent panel.  Panels can be cut using a sharp knife.

5. Tape the tanking strip down using a tape gun.


6. Tape the panels together by running a strip of tape across the 50mm foil overlap.

7. Remove self adhesive backing and position pipe clip rails according to plan.

Cut to length using pipe cutter or knife.


8. Press clips rails into position.


9. Clip pipe into clip rails at measurements given in pipe layout. Fix flow and return pipes every 2 metres. See additional pipe distance guide sheet for detailed information.

10. When connecting pipe using JUPITER press fittings, only join in straight runs and never in pipe bends.

Place pipe in movement gap profiles where designated, protect with black protective sleeve and finally insert further perimeter insulation. See System Standard for further info.

'no need to screed...'

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