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Suitable for both heating and cooling solutions.

The idea of installing radiant heating on walls and ceilings is not a new one, in fact ceiling heating systems were quite common many years ago. The problem previously was that the general lack of insulation within the typical building envelope led to the systems being run at very high temperatures making the resulting room atmosphere very uncomfortable. With the introduction of stricter insulation regulations, heat output requirements have come down and therefore the concept of using an entire wall for heating is very much back on the agenda.

With heat pump technology now providing both heating and cooling options using a wall or ceiling for both heating (and cooling in the summer) is clearly viable.

System Vertical

SYSTEM VERTICAL is essentially our IDEAL system secured to the walls.

Panels can either be adhered to plasterboard walls or mechanically fixed with screws.

Flow and return pipe runs can be created using the hot wire cutter and the pipework can even be a continuation of the floor heating pipework.

As with the floor systems, the pipework is simply pressed securely into the Omega pipe channels.

Looking for an ultra slim underfloor heating system?

At only 19mm the Jupiter IDEAL NEO19 system is the thinnest system on the market yet still uses a professional 16mm multilayer pipe. As with the rest of the Jupiter product range, NEO19 still incorporates 0.5mm thick heat diffusion plates for maximum heat distribution.

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