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We are here to partner with and support you to deliver your customers the best heating system for their project

We offer step by step advice and support to all our professional customers

As a trade professional, you may never have installed underfloor heating before. If you are considering installing a system for the first time, then Jupiter are here to help and advise. We can assist from initial enquiry all the way through to installation and commissioning.

With 15 years of experience in the UK and European markets, our reputation has been built on quality products and an excellent service. Jupiter is probably the only manufacturer that offer a complete design and installation service-we do not use 'approved installers'.

As a mechanical contractor, you may have come to us through a main contractor or a design specification. Either way, we make it our mission to make your job easier and can take on the complete responsibility of the design, procurement and installation of the underfloor heating system.

Whether you require a traditional pipe in screed system or our more specialised dry installed systems we can provide you with all the assurances you may seek at commercial level.

People having a meeting about underfloor heating

If you are a sole trading heating engineer and are interested in working with our products we would be more than happy to introduce you to our range and even train you free of charge.

Our existing network of heating engineers benefit by receiving leads for work, including new boiler and heat pump installations in addition to the installation of the underfloor system itself.

Jupiter offers a more holistic approach and is able to advise on the overall heating strategy, providing step-by-step guidance and support.

As well as detailed design calculations and clear, well labelled layout drawings to work from, our excellent, full-time installation team are available to assist or train on your site should that be required.

Why just take our word for it? Have a look through our testimonials and see what others have to say...

"Our site agent had nothing but praises for your guys and the manner they worked with us..."

- TP, Our Lady of Lourdes

Where next? Why not have a look at our unique underfloor heating products and decide which system may best suit your needs?
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