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Water Treatment and Degassing Technology

Guaranteeing the longest service life for your heating system

At Jupiter, we have been shouting the merits of treated water systems for years. We believe that a slighter greater initial capital outlay in proper water treatment systems will provide a cost benefit later in the life of a heating system as future maintenance costs can be slashed.

Despite being regarded as a pure harmless substance, mains water can be harmful within heating systems and lead to the mechanical failure of components. VDI 2035 is a document published by the Society of German Engineers which is a guideline for the prevention of damaged water heating systems.

Ferrous Metals
Ferrous Metals

Often the components within a heating system contain ferrous metals that, when brought into contact with water and oxygen, cause corrosion. This results in dirty water, filled with microscopic (and not so microscopic) particles which can clog up vital components, resulting in failure.

Normal culprits include cast iron heat exchangers in boilers and old radiator systems.

The photo on the right shows the kind of corrosion that can occur, and it begins instantly as soon as reactants are brought into contact with each other.

Ferrous Metal.jpg

Ferrous metal contamination due to cast iron radiators.


By water treatment we are not referring to the addition of inhibitors to heating systems, instead we are referring to demineralising the water by ion-exchange. This not only reduces water hardness and total amount of salts within, but also the electrical conductivity of the water. Low water hardness prevents limescale and low electrical conductivity dramatically slows down all forms of corrosion.

Water Treatment.jpg

We can supply and install water treatment equipment that complies with VDI 2035. Please contact us if you would like to receive further information about this technology.


If you are looking at installing a renewable heat source, you will naturally be considering overall efficiency. As with water treatment, degassing technology can assist with the long-term performance of your equipment as well as the efficiency of the system.


The essential prerequisite for the appropriate and efficient distribution of heating or cooling water is the correct and uninterrupted flow of volume and mass to each part of the system. The main enemy in a heated water system is air and the gasses (nitrogen & oxygen) it contains. As everyone probably knows, when air accumulates in a conventional radiator the performance is greatly affected.


Using vacuum technology, degassing equipment can automatically and regularly keep on check on the gas levels which will in turn provide for a far more efficient system.


Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about this technology.

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